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On our site you can not only download apps for games on sports bets with Android but you can also download the poker client, download the app to play online poker Pari - Match IP network poker. All you need to do is download the zip file and unzip on your computer, launch poker and log in using your account number and password.

poker client

Introducing a new poker tournament for club members with the name 555CLUB005.

information from 24.01.2015 year

Good day wanted to show Freeroll tournament for club members with the name 555CLUB005, guaranteed prize 0.05 USD, the tournament should begin in 15/00 (Moscow time), beginning one hour but not less than 10 players, check four times a day every two hours. Entrance to the tournament for club members free, for other players 0.01 USD entrance fee going to the prize, the number of participants 1000 people, the distribution of prizes standard, in the second hour of play offer a ransom 0.02 USD chips 5000 three times, the redemption sum to the prize Fund.

Playing online poker in the IP poker you can choose to play at tables with small and large bets with different number of players in these rooms attractive design, convenient features and intuitive interface, beginners can play for free with play money and participate in free freerolls. We need to learn the rules and never deviate from nor once this is done, refuse tips and do some thorough learning strategies play poker online for real money, received a cash bonus on your first Deposit.


Poker Club, a Club for lovers of poker tournaments for club members.



For club members this is a good bonus, when you register with bonus code 555CLUB, you will have the opportunity to play in free tournaments online poker, all information will be posted on the website on this page. In the future we plan to organize the first Deposit bonus at Sportsbook Betting - Match. register here. Also periodically held free tournaments freerolls for members of the club - 555CLUB to win cash prizes.

Recently ended series ongoing tournaments our club to win 5USD and name ARGO5USD, ARGO5USD/R in this tournament was open to all those wishing to play in the poker room, Pari-Match.



After the tournament ARGO5USD, ARGO5USD/R were held tournaments called ARGO20USD, ARGO20USD/R and draw 20USD, for club members registered with the bonus code: 555CLUB

do You want to earn money

p>If you are a gambling person and want to earn, but rather to win a little or a lot of money, feel free to join the poker club bonus code 555CLUB. What is it? It is a community of poker fans who play poker online poker club 555CLUB, to generate what would become a club member you must register with the bonus code 555CLUB, if you cannot imagine your life without this game. Today, the opportunity to play in our poker clubе each user has and we are ready to offer you our free tournaments for the members of our club, registered with our bonus code 555CLUB.

You know the rules of poker

If You know the rules of poker, you can start the game by selecting a suitable buffet, Sit-n-go - the game will go until not the winner will be revealed. Offer tournaments to win 5USD and name ARGO5USD, ARGO5USD/R in this tournament is open to all those wishing to play in the poker room, Pari-Match and spend time playing sports, poker, tournament poker, and if successful, or master the game to win real money. These tournaments were held until the end of 2013, this year we only planned to hold such tournaments and plan to start the series at the end of June, the tournament will be conducted with about the same amounts of the draw, but if our club of new players, the amount of the draw will increase and You will the opportunity to win some more money.


Prospective game online poker

If you do and aim to a future game in online poker, you hit the Target, we are glad to offer you all the resources necessary to build a high professional game in online poker poker pari - match that meets even the most demanding requirements of the rapid growth of the online gaming market. Experienced professionals will do everything possible to help you find the most suitable online poker and solutions to achieve game goals and offer the best freerolls poker games for club members. For your convenience, we will help you and arrange for club members new tournaments with cash prizes.

Rules Texas Holdem, online poker.


In the very beginning of the game, Texas Hold Em

At the beginning of the Texas Hold'em game, the dealer shuffles the usual 52-two card deck of cards. In casinos and kardomah cardroom dealer does not play. However, when the croupier is not enough, or in home games can be used the principle of self distribution to self-deal. In these games, the dealer changes every time the cards are dealt clockwise. Round chip, called chip dealer Dealer Button with each hand of cards moves clockwise from player to player. It indicates which player is the dealer. The dealer used to be called Buck The Buck that comes from the name of a hunting knife with a handle made of reindeer horn buck knife and the phrase "you are responsible" the buck stops here. At the table is a group of players from two or more participants, often up to 10 at one table.


the Combinations are in descending order: led, of course ACE, then king, Queen, Jack, and so forth, up to two. ACE is a dual card, so how can he be a low card, forming a sequence of straight-5 cards, inclusive. Also, the ACE can be the highest card in combination with the king, Queen, Jack and ten. The game is divided into a few steps it depends on the type of poker they are called rounds of bargaining or streets of the so-called street or street. As in most games, originally dealt cards. After the cards are dealt, players must stake on a fixed rate otherwise to leave the round or game.

Poker from the English poker card game

the Poker from the English poker card game, the main purpose of which is to beat the dealer in casinosno poker or opponents in Texas Holdem. For this purpose it is necessary to accumulate cards, more than your opponents using no more than five cards. Of course, you can force all opponents to terminate participation in the game using the so-called "Bluff". The game is of two kinds - with a partially open or fully closed cards. Poker so interesting that his species in the world is used in abundance. Incorporates all kinds of poker combinations that are the same everywhere, as well as the availability of bargaining during the game.



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In the next match of the championship of Russia in women's volleyball team (League) Italy away defeated Leningradka from St. Petersburg – 3:0 (25:11, 25:23, 25:17).

championship of Russia

Rival have met 15 times, 11 of them Omsk won and the last time Omsk cats defeated the rival with the score 3:0 in the group stage of the Russian Cup 2014 in Nizhny Novgorod. After four rounds of the championship of Russia Omsk and Petersburg teams are in the standings, fourth and ninth place respectively.


Championship of Russia in volleyball: Analytics championship

1. Lokomotiv Novosibirsk – 11 игр – 28 points 
2. Zenit Kazan – 11 – 25
3. ... Read more »

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Maction - latest news MMA Fighting without rules

Former UFC fighter Brandon Vera (12-7) will debut in the promotion One FC fight against the Ukrainian heavyweight Igor Suborы (5-1)

UFC fighter Brandon

Brandon Vera in early December will match featuring former UFC fighter Brandon Vera will be at this time to conduct your battle is already under the auspices of the promotion One FC. His opponent will be Igor Subora. In addition to the title fight at Bantamweight champion Brazilian champion of Bibiano Fernandez and Challenger from South Korea Dae hwan Kim tournament will mark the debut of UFC veteran Brandon Vera opponent which will be Igor Subora.

Today, the Philippines hosted the show Asian MMA organization One FC as part of the evening was made by 25-year-old Russian Timofey Nastyin opponent which was a local fighter Eduard Folayang. Timothy onadobe... Read more »

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Women's national team in Rugby 7's in the match for seventh place in the first stage of the World series in Dubai gave the team USA with a score of 20:22. Recall that in the quarterfinals of the Russians lost to novozelandki 17:19 and in the first game of the playoffs for 5-8 places gave the team great Britain.

Corridors strategy of tennis

Corridors strategy of tennis

The essence of this strategy is that you need to win betting on two outcomes are Corridors were initially intended for betting on basketball games.  Then this strategy was introduced in volleyball and tennis, and was subsequently used in all sports, there is this strategy only at the expense of bookmakers offering for one event of various factors on total or handicap match or other types of bets. Thus we can supply rate for both players... Read more »

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betting sports betting

There are several different types of betting and strategies for increasing the number of options for winning players make bets on sports types such as handicap, Asian handicap and totals.


betting sports betting


On it You can bet on any sporting event, painted in the lines of the European and Russian bookmakers. One of the most popular bets in the BC sports betting this cyber sport is now Pari - Match, has long earned universal recognition.<... Read more »

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Floyd Mayweather plans to enter the market of MMA


The best boxer of our time has been licensed and gathers talents for his first show.

It seems that the market of mixed martial arts in the near future there will be a new strong player. 
Money bag Floyd Mayweather Jr. being the best fighter regardless of weight class, 
eager to reshape years-old foundations and rules in life behind the scenes of MMA MMA where sometimes athletes 
at risk of health eke out the floor miserable existence and forced to earn money on the side to pay for training.

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